Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream
Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream
Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream
Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream
Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream
Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream

Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream

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Tried a few eyes or face creams still not working out? This treatment cream is the "thing" that helps! The cream works deeply to penetrate the skin and treating with face spots, skin tags, moles, freckles, and more! 


Formulated with natural ingredients, and with the additional function of Hyaluronic Acids, it even boosted the function of rejuvenating skin layers with new cells, to present healthy and bouncing skin. Say hello to young skin now!


Reduce to Removes

Give you a flawless look by reducing face dark sport or wrinkles, linings to remove them and have smooth young skin, with multiple usages! 

Age Rewind Effect

Skin tightening result that helps to lift the skin and creating a bouncy, young, and revitalize the skin by boosting the skin cells. 

Deep Moisture

Keep your skin around your eyes hydrated all time and say no more to dry skin around the eyes.

Natural and Safe Ingredients

With the elements of Arbutin, Glycerin, and main ingredients which is Hyaluronic Acid that is safe and benefits our skin, and improves the skin condition. 

How to use:

1. Cleanse the face and apply toner as usual.
2. Use it before the moisturizers. 
3. Use it twice a day.


Name: Anti-aging Spot Corrector Cream
Net Weight: 15g
Skin Type: Any Skin
Main Ingredients: Arbutin 

Packages available: 

  • Single Tube
  • Standard Pack ( x3 )
  • Value Pack ( x5 With Extra 60% off ) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does this product really works on the skin spots? Not lasers only?

Answer: This cream is specially created for targeting the spots on the face, which not only dark spots, also the sunspots or hyperpigmentation, to corrects and rejuvenate the skin cells to boost the metabolism.  

2. My skin is dark... Will, it works on dark skin or making it a white patch?

Answer: It will only fade away the spots because the skin layer has been damage. This cream is used to treat the damage to the skin and creates a healthy and flawless look. 

3. Does it works on aging spots?

Answer: Yes! This cream also works on reducing the visibility of aging spots that due to the aging issue. It may take time to reduce it but with multiple usages, it will help to fade the aging spots. 

4. Does it also treats on dark eye circle?

Answer: Yes. By constantly massaging while applying the cream, it will help to lighten up the dark eye circle in time of use. 

5. How long does it need to take to see a visible result? 

Answer: By applying twice a day and every day, you may get a slight change of improvement on your skin condition in a week and a half! 

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